Mass Tort Claims Services

A mass tort is a single wrongful action that causes injury to many different plaintiffs. A mass tort is a type of civil action involving numerous plaintiffs with similar claims against one or a few defendants in state or federal court. Organizing, summarizing, and reviewing the medical charts of large plaintiff classes creates headaches for attorneys and staff alike. Keeping medical records in-house minimizes efficient use of staff resources and cannot be expensed to the file. Furthermore, it creates huge volumes of paper that must be managed, including scanning for electronic delivery and storage. If any type of legal work requires efficiencies that necessitate an outside solution, it is Mass Tort litigation.

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At Physicians Medical Review, our in-house physician reviewers provide exceptional support to attorneys involved in mass tort cases, including those involving defective medical devices and dangerous prescription drugs. We provide a host of services regarding the analysis of mass tort cases ranging from the initial screening of viable cases as well as settlement consulting services whereby we assist with the development of settlement claims packages.

At Meds Global Tech LLC, we use our expertise in medical-legal documentation and help you unearth the valuable pieces of information from medical records in a reasonably quick time. The documents are reviewed by our team and the information is provided in formats that add value and reduce the time taken by you to review the medical records. The summaries for the mass tort cases are focused to establish the relation between the usage of the product and the damages suffered. All the details related to the product will be included along with the damages suffered that would help decide the strength of the case.

Meds Global Tech LLC (Our MD’s) understands how the legal system works and has the potential to handle large-scale cases involving dangerous drugs and defective medical devices including but not limited to, Invokana, Pradaxa, Xarelto, Risperdal, Taxotere, Actos, Zofran, Victoza, Opioids, Transvaginal Mesh, Hernia Mesh, IVC Blood Clot Filters, Hip Implants, Knee Implants, and Essure Implants. We are also capable of handling cases involving the exposure to toxic substances such as benzene, talcum powder, and asbestos.

How Our Service Helps Law Firms

Case Review/Chronology – A detailed summary of the medical events with a case report prepared by chronologically.

Mass Tort Matrix – A spreadsheet consists of all class data that are prepared evaluating critical parameters of a particular case with hyperlinks embedded that link to claimant’s medical record for ease navigation.

Plaintiff Fact Sheet (PFS) – A report contains the information from the medical records is reviewed and keyed into the plaintiff fact sheet. Missing information and contradictions are noted in the sheet and highlighted in yellow color.

Our Typical Mass Tort Report Consists

  • Screens large plaintiff classes
  • Allocates settlement funds among claimants
  • Reviews parameters with hyperlinks & medical chart verification
  • All class data on single excel spreadsheet
  • Simplifies lien resolution
  • Billable expense