Medical Illustrator & Animators Services

Medical illustration is a form of biological illustration that helps our clients to record and disseminate the medical, anatomical, and related knowledge. A medical illustrator is a professional artist and visual problem solver who has advanced education in both the life sciences and visual communication. At Meds Global Tech LLC, our medical illustrators transform the complex information into visual images that have the potential to communicate to broad audiences with collaboration of our physicians and other specialists.

Meds Global Tech LLC’s approach to medical illustration is creative and precise, helping medical device companies, healthcare professionals, personal injury litigators, forensics experts, publishers, physicians, scientists, authors and more. Our highly experienced medical illustrators the static illustrations that effectively demonstrate cellular processes, diseases and treatments, pharmaceutical developments, anatomy, and medical devices.

Meds global tech Illustration work sample Meds global tech Illustration
Meds global tech Illustration services

Our Specialized Services

Surgical Illustrations — Latest robotic surgical techniques are mostly used in the procedures or surgeries and the medical illustrations can provide the accurate images of client’s need related to procedures. At Meds Global Tech LLC, our clients have used these types of illustrations for training manuals, advertisements, and even scientific research presentations.

Anatomical Illustrations — Displaying various aspects of the body the helps patients to visualize whatever ails them. Cross-sections, individual systems, smaller portions of the human body – each of these represented by our experienced team of medical illustrators.

Dental Illustrations — Having a good mental picture of how your teeth impact your jaw and face can be important, especially for dental offices and oral surgeons. Our dental illustrators will help visually describe the anatomy of the face, an upcoming procedure, or the way certain dental problems can deteriorate.

Ophthalmology Illustrations — Our medical illustrations show a cross-section to detail the anatomy of the eye, or a particular procedure necessary, ophthalmology illustrations give you versatility. Meds Global Tech LLC helps you depict the areas of the eye you are trying to highlight in precise detail.

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Veterinary Illustrations — Our illustrators have a special love for animals so they can accurately design their likeness for whatever veterinary medical uses you may require.

Who our clients?

  • Physicians and Scientists
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical Device companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Communications agencies
  • Personal injury litigators
  • Forensics experts
  • Publishers and Authors

Where to use our illustrations?

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Courtroom exhibits
  • Patient education or CME
  • Medical device
  • Trade and consumer publications
  • Mobile health apps
  • Advertising
  • Textbooks, medical journals, e-books

What Client Says?

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Meds global tech Illustration
Meds global tech Illustration work
Meds global tech Illustration services
Meds global tech Illustration & Animation
Illustration & Animation
Meds global tech Illustration Sample Work
Meds global tech Illustration Sample
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Medical Illustration
Meds global tech Illustration Samples
Medical Illustration & Animation
Meds global tech Illustration work sample

Why Choose Us?

Maintain Confidentiality and Secrecy

All your medical records are in our safe-custody.

Services are Cost-effective

Most of the appointed experts are in-house which brings down the cost drastically.

Assured Quality

Our controls are stringent.

Delivery is Swift

Deliveries are done in the quickest time with no decline in quality


Customized Reports are our forte, which gives a professional finesse

Strickler for Rules

We unfailingly adhere to State and National guidelines

Handle Volumes

We are skilled to handle large volumes of medical records and process them with ease and integrity

Free Hyperlinks

We make things easier by creating quick links for better explanations to locate points of interest within the records