Medical Billing

Our Medical Billing services includes creating and processing medical claims. Our billing team is familiar with what type of claim an insurance payer accepts, and adjust their claim creation accordingly. We also work frequently with insurance clearinghouses to streamline the claims process. We also check and make sure that each claim is compliant. Ideally, every claim our team sends out will be “clean.” A clean claim contains no errors, and will be processed speedily by the payer, ensuring that the healthcare provider gets reimbursed quickly and efficiently.

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Our Medical Chronology Reviews Advantage:

  • Ideal for a quick reimbursement process
  • Includes Explanations of Benefits
  • Medicare and Medicaid, and HIPPA Complaint
  • Easy-to-read and interpret
  • Focused, condensed and precise
  • Cost effective

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Why Choose Us?

Maintain Confidentiality and Secrecy

All your medical records are in our safe-custody.

Services are Cost-effective

Most of the appointed experts are in-house which brings down the cost drastically.

Assured Quality

Our controls are stringent.

Delivery is Swift

Deliveries are done in the quickest time with no decline in quality


Customized Reports are our forte, which gives a professional finesse

Strickler for Rules

We unfailingly adhere to State and National guidelines

Handle Volumes

We are skilled to handle large volumes of medical records and process them with ease and integrity

Free Hyperlinks

We make things easier by creating quick links for better explanations to locate points of interest within the records